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Nov 26, 2012 5:00am PST
programs. >>> e elected officials including the governor and all the legislatures are getting their pay cut by 5%. for example, pay for the attorney general palilia harris is being cut to $143,000. that's a hundred thousand less than her replacement. but people don't run for office for the money. >> they're doing it because of a variety of factors, including the pursuit of power, the ambition to go to higher places and also of course hopefully public service that they want to give back to their community. >> the california citizens compensation commission ordered the pay cuts and they cut per diem pay by 18%. >>> carbon monoxide sent more than a dozen people to the hospital in san francisco. the fire department was called to 1223 courtland street about last night over a carbon monoxide leak. there were 14 people at the home that were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay, but city officials and pg&e are still trying to figure out what caused the problem. >> when we arrived, we checked the residence with our air monitors and we found no sign of carbon monoxide. however, we check
Nov 28, 2012 5:00am PST
hikes and across- the-board budget cuts will kick in. >> let's turn the election off bring everybody together and try to solve big problems. >> the richest of the rich are going to have to pay more to solve the financial problems we have in this country. >> the white house is take the "fiscal cliff" debate to social media. the hashtag my 2k on twitter is a reference to the estimated $2,200 tax increase that a typical middle class family of four would see if the bush tax cuts expire. >>> it is 5:42. coming up, it's one of apple's rare public failures. the new fallout over the map fiasco. we have the latest. too close for comfort a car plows into jewelry store. what it missed seconds before. ,, oo a >>> >>> a car slammed into a jewelry store in east georgia narrowly missing a toddler inside. the child was standing in front of the window. he got out of the way before the car slammed into the glass just in time. his dad says it was a miracle that nobody got hurt. the woman behind the wheel was charged with reckless driving. >> that happens so often. >> it makes me wince when i see that
Nov 23, 2012 5:00am PST
-mile-an-hour rag ga school board president explains his decision to resign 24 hours after he was re-elected. dexter louie says the decision as to step down was painful. he may have had a conflict of interest concerning a child abuse lawsuit against two former teachers. some of his relatives spoke on behalf of one of the suspects. >>> berkeley police are hoping that you can help them catch a cigarette thief. this man is suspected of breaking into several stores in the past month. he is also suspected of burglarizing businesses in neighboring cities. investigators say he smashes windows to get inside and gets what he is after and then leaves in a hurry. >>> a wedding mystery we told you about yesterday has been solved. fremont police have found the owner of a lost wedding photo album and that album was inside a briefcase along the road outside a preschool. police believe it was taken from a storage unit that had been broken into and the thieves they just tossed it. the owner was eventually traced all the way to india. it's so cool they got it back to the couple. >> i assume they are still married. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3